Why Mix Business and Leisure? Know HOW!

Mixing business and leisure is getting easier in a modern world. It is really very important to find some time for your family, friends, cultural development or just relaxation when you go to somewhere on business. What cities are you going to visit this time? What do you expect for? Of course, you expect for never-ending meetings, much work, and training. Finding some time for leisure seems to be problematic. Don’t worry about the time and location. You may rent a car and visit many different places easily. Have a big company? You may rent a van!

Of course, it’s easy to say but not that easy to do! People are often afraid of business planning, tasks, duties, circumstances. You have to read these useful tips about WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO MIX BUSINESS AND LAISURE. So, let’s go to Vegas and find out if it is really possible to meet up in the Sin City and find time for business in the world of attractions.

Coworkers in a business meeting



There are many reasons to arrange a meeting in Vegas. Why? Is that destination so attractive for business travelers?


Vegas can boast the best hotel propositions in the world. There are more than 100 000 hotel rooms to pick from.

Meeting Space

Of course, you are looking for a good and comfortable meeting space. You should know that Vegas offers to use millions sq. ft. of useful meeting space. There are 10 largest Business Centers here. The biggest and the most prestigious is Mandalay Convention Center.


Your plane lands into the McCarran International Airport. It is situated about 2 miles from the city. It is not a problem to rent a car in the airport and take your group to the hotel or meeting place.


There is nothing better than weather in Vegas. It can boast with 320 sunny days. The climate is dry and warm so that you can plan a meeting throughout the year.




  1. Plan Extra Days

If you have already planned your business trip, you may stay for a day or two longer. This can be the best variant to take your time. What for? As a rule, business trips make people nervous. You are always under pressure. So, you need some more time to relax. It is needed, especially in such a legendary place as Vegas.

  1. Pick Perfect Space for Meeting

If you have an opportunity to pick a conference, you can pick one that must be held in the city center or any other district that is convenient for you. You can easily control your trip and visit as much interesting places as possible on the territory around the conference. By the way, it’s not only about Vegas. This rule is up to date when you are having a meeting in New York, Washington, London or any other giant city.

  1. Search

What are you going to do after the meeting? Does it sound attractive for you to stay in the hotel and watch your laptop? Of course, you can use your free time wisely and prepare for the meeting. Anyway, you can make a search and define interesting places around your place to visit.

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 - Exhibition Hall Entrance


  1. Take Friends or Family

You may say that business trip is just for business. Remember, even your meeting is planned to be in a small boring place, you can take your family with you. Just ask your company and book tickets for the same flight and same hotel. Just make sure they are ok and go for a meeting. Later, when you have a free day, you can take them for an excursion or any other place that is worth your attention.

  1. Go To Gym

Training always helps you to get fit and feel comfortable. This is what you can spend your free time for. Business trip is a very responsible task for your body: fast food, stress, nervous and sleepless nights. Find out if there is a gym or fitness center in your hotel. Need more relaxation? Go to the SPA center!

Beauty Lounge Tee Wellness Spa Hotel


  1. Make You Happy

Modern hotels are full of different options. They do everything to make you happy! Is there anything you want to try? Do you want to play golf? How about shopping? Just forget about your business and spend some time for your special needs.

Of course, Vegas is a friendly city. Your company is able to take care of your flight tickets, hotel room, conference hall, business lunch and dinner. But they may forget about your leisure. So, it’s time to wake up and plan your business trip in the most favorable way for you. As you can see, mixing business and leisure is possible and even recommended. Think about it!

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