Why Is LinkedIn The Fastest Growing Social Network?

No matter what professional field you’re in, there’s no doubt that the exposure you gain from networking is an important and invaluable asset. This is because the relationships you develop from connecting with your peers can help you to advance your career and grow in a professional capacity. Whether you want to broaden your horizon as a business or as an individual, LinkedIn can help you do just that.

What Exactly Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking website designed with the specific intention of connecting career and business professionals.

LinkedIn’s primary goal is to help people build strategic relationships. It gives users the opportunity to network, gather resources and create relationships with potential clients and partners. It has become a very valuable resource for individuals, small business owners, freelancers and digital marketing professionals.

So it’s not surprising that LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks out there.

Why Is LinkedIn Growing So Fast?

In 2017 LinkedIn passed the half a billion-user mark and has continued to attract new users and grow ever since.Here are a few reasons why this professional-intensive social networking site is so popular.

A LinkedIn profile basically serves as a digital business card.It allows you to showcase your career, social media prowess, skills and talents to prospective clients, potential partners and customers.

The site enables you to source endorsements, recommendations and testimonials of your character and professional ability from your peers and colleagues.

Unlike other social networks it offers you the unique opportunity to request introductions to potential clients, customers and colleagues.

A LinkedIn profile gives you access to job advertisements that are often shared exclusively on the site.  It also creates amazing recruitment opportunities for small business owners or freelancers.

Unlike other social networking sites B2B marketers prefer to use LinkedIn as part of their advertising strategies. While other social sites may have larger user numbers LinkedIn users are interested in doing business.This is tied to the fact that LinkedIn is a profession-intensive site.

LinkedIn is a great tool for generating leads. Because of the professional quality of most users you will be able to generate qualified leads. Your posts will also be targeting a professional demographic which will allow you to efficiently retarget website visitors, reach out to valuable contacts and build a network that is tailored to your needs.

LinkedIn is an incredible social media digital marketing tool. This is because you are able to share your knowledge and expertise with your connections. Over time this will enable you to build trust and create the credibility needed to acquire new clients and customers.

LinkedIn allows you to find and connect with like-minded individuals. By doing so, you have the ability to expand your career prospects through collaborations and shared industry knowledge. These connections and collaborations will also help you to expand your online presence in the digital space.

Creating A LinkedIn Profile

As we mentioned earlier LinkedIn is a brilliant digital marketing tool. Your profile is the best way to make a good first impression on the site. Here are a few tips to help you create a polished profile.

  • Complete Information

It’s important to make sure that your profile is well crafted and includes a complete summary of your work, strengths, skills, achievements and abilities. It’s also a good idea to share testimonials and/or recommendations from your colleagues or clients.

  • Use a Professional Photo

When choosing a photo for LinkedIn make sure you select one that looks professional.

  • How To Get In Touch

This is a pretty obvious step but it can be easy to miss. Always make sure your contact information (email address, phone number, etc) is current and included on your profile. You can also add links to your personal website, portfolio and other social media pages.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is all about professional connections. While it is a social networking site, it’s very different from networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn focuses on quality over quantity. By connecting to a large scope of people you can expand your professional network. In doing so the relationships you develop have the potential to help advance your career in the future.

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