What Is Information Graphic (Infographic)

What Is Information Graphic (Infographic)

Information Graphic or infographic has been contributing to simplifying robust and complicated subjects into an enjoyable learning experience and of course, understandable. The infographic should contain a right and relevant information while it should be visually engaging at the same time. The key to a good infographic is that the audiences including customers, viewers, markets, or users are able to reach the information without getting bored with such long plaintexts. The infographic has been widely adopted and implemented in world wide web including business websites or social media which include activities like advertising campaigns.

The key of the infographic is narrative style applied to the graphic content. You can’t leave the audience with such boring speech. You can’t randomly put points in here and there. Thus, the best way to start is arranging the infographic like making a story. The characters are described in the beginning including the background and settings. Then it should talk about how the characters meet and join the storyline.

The infographic should contain three major parts. The first part is where you widely and clearly explain the background of information including setting, timeline, or simply reasons. The Second part is the main information including the detail explanation including ways, methods, tools, and so forth. The third part usually contains persuasive information concluded from the first two parts.The last part can also contain other important information which not directly relevant to the main information but encourage people to use the infographic as their guidance. It may contain the solution or further information related to the topic.

An infographic should be to the point, which can be supported by the use of graphic designs. However, people who just start the infographic may want to put any designs considered to be unique and attractive. It actually increases the complicity of the infographic and makes it just bored with the original texts. You can build several scenes but no more than four, and apply colors to each screen. With video maker or presentation software, you can build a little more interactive infographic.

The use of infographic in digital marketing is one of the leading implementations of this concept which can inspire yours. Basically, the company wants to promote the products and services and drive you to purchase them. The collaborative use of video, data, graphics, are the modern form of the infographic. Infographic can be used for various activities including learning, marketing, advertising, promoting, education, government information and so forth.

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