UX Design Trends To Have By The End Of 2018

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UX is a very critical element for your website because it provides a cognitive framework for the visual elements which attracts the visitors. A good user experience and appropriate interface are essential for your web design because it makes sure that all elements of the site do not only appeal but also work well for the users.
What is the discovery process through which the users go through on a site? What is the sequence user’s take when they navigate through the site? How do they feel and think when they go through a website? UX answers these questions. A perfect UX will attract the users and persuades them to revisit the website.
2018 is almost touching the end so let’s take a look at some of the top trends of UX designs which must be there in your website before the year ends to help your business connect better with users and keep them coming back for more in the next year.

Use of Linear Navigation

Linear navigation is used by a lot of websites to improve UX elements. This style of navigation allows user to undergo only one action at a time. Linear elements not just smooth run the overall viewing experience but also keeps the user focused while lessening all the noise and distractions. A very fine example of linear navigation is Uber’s booking system. The user has to go through the entire booking process step by step. These steps are extremely easy and clear to navigate. By simplifying the process through linear navigation, users will feel ease and their comfortable experience will entice them to come back for more.

•     Put Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are the opportunity for the users to respond to the content. For example, liking/disliking a post, filling up the forms, use of emojis. Apparently, it seems that these elements are about improving user-interface and not much of experience. But if you see the other way around, these are the channel to gain direct feedback from users so that UX elements should be enhanced and improved. Websites can add a like/dislike button to get feedback for site development on which they should be able to see an immediate response like the total number of likes/dislikes. With this response, users feel engaged with the content, and their feelings are acknowledged. Meanwhile, it helps collect important data for developers and let them know about the experience their site is providing.

▪     Provide Estimated Read Times

The most important factor that affects UX in the digital world is time. We are leading a fast-paced life and living in a high-tech society hence websites need to keep up with their pace. According to a study, when a user reads a text, they scroll down to see the length of it. Any lengthy article will make users to scan the article and leave the page. To counter this situation, some websites are now providing an estimated read time to the users. For example, Medium.com has placed an estimated read time at the top of the article through which transparency has increased as well as UX elements are boosted.

  • Employ Scroll Animations

Scroll animations are useful, and a must has element now-a-days. User’s digital experience has become the actual product. They are completely shifting the perspective of product development. Scroll animations allow you to view the product from inside out. Apple’s iPhone website is a strong example of scroll animations. It facilitates visitors with an extensive experience and takes users through an interactive discovery of iPhone’s features and its internal components. It’s an exciting story telling elements and an enticing display of Apple’s commitment to the quality and the innovation their products and services bring.

•      Chatbot Assistants

Chatbots are helpful and must be present as an assistant for your website. They are smarter, responsive and are here to mark their presence for a longer period of time. They are providing a swift customer service which saves time of consumers as well as employees. Chatbots are basically software applications that can copy the spoken and written human language, and can initiate the interaction with a real person. For example, previously, people had to follow various complicated online and offline steps to place an order for pizza from Pizza Hut. But now, Chatbots have untangled this complexity. People simply open up the message window and place their orders where Chatbots provide them with the information they need and spread the information to the respective departments immediately. Chatbots have strengthened the one-on-one relationship by providing faster and better results for the customers while saving their time. Apart from this, Chatbot evolution has taken place over the time and they are being used for multiple tasks now.

Wrap Up

These UX trends should be integral part of web design before moving to the new year. They push the traditional boundaries of storytelling and creates an exciting and inspiring experience for users which is going to bring back users for more in the year 2019.

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