TOP Popular Gadgets to Cheat on Exams: No More Paper Notes!

If you were a student you should remember that time when you were passing your exams. What methods did you use to improve your result? Of course, you can surely say that the best method to make the result better is learning. Nevertheless, all students use different cheating methods to get the best result. Of course, you may write the rules on a tiny piece of paper and hide it somewhere. Others use modern smartphone apps not only for renting a car, booking a table for today’s dinner, but for cheating on exams.

Using high technologies for exams doesn’t mean that modern students are fool and try to cheat more and more. Not at all! It simply means that the methods and materials they have to use become more developed and upgraded. The most of special cheating apps can be easily uploaded on your smartphone. Can you name something else? Just keep reading, as well, and you’ll find out many other helpful methods that are used for cheating!



Spy sets: headphones, MP3 files

There are many companies that offer their special developments all over the world to be the professional cheaters. How about using invisible headphones that you can connect with your MP3-player or another person’s device that will give you the right answer? It sounds great! There are special spy sets, consisting of headphones, MP3 device and special SOS button. With the help of this button you can stop connection or, instead, start it. You can hold the button in your pocket or even in your shoe. How much is it? You can find a set for $140 on the web!

Bluetooth pen

Bluetooth pen is a small gadget that is attractive for all modern students. The price of it is no more than $150. What do you get for your money? First of all, you can connect your pen with your smartphone and you are able to get the information from your smartphone to your headphone. By the way, you can easily write with the pen! Be attentive and don’t talk too loudly. Otherwise, your cheating has no sense and you’ll be unmasked. If you use the pen carefully, it can add more information to your test, exam, or presentation. You can find pens for higher price with additional options. Check it on the web!

stylus touch pen artfinger


Cheating software

Of course, modern technologies cannot be stopped from growing. Also, students become smarter with the years. They’ve learnt to use software for cheating on exams. How? For example, you can easily use such a useful design program as Adobe Photoshop for cheating. You can create a special cheating label, bottle sticker to hide your information there. Who cares about a single bottle on your table? Don’t worry, you can find a guide about it on YouTube.

Smart watch

You can use your smart watch as a smartphone with the same functions. Everyone wears a watch. It’s ok to wear a watch on exams. Sometimes you can watch your time and receive the files at the same time. Simply, you can use your smart watch to receive answers to your exam questions. Just read information carefully and copy to your paper as fast as possible.

Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch


Cheating calculator

As a rule, students can bring their calculators to use them on exam. It’s ok to count. Calculator is a machine where you can change the program and upload the information you actually need: texts, formulas, images. It can be good data storage.


It is a usual thing that students try to use their smartphones on exams. Why not? Of course, your smartphone is equipped with a good camera. Why don’t you use it? The procedure is simple. Just take photos of a book or your notes at home and use them during the exam. What is more, you can help you friends by sending them necessary files from your Bluetooth. Who know what are you looking at?

self-portrait (or, what happens when your raw-processing software goes wrong)


Invisible ink

Can’t you believe this? This cheating method is as old as a world. Students have been using invisible ink for bettering their test results. It looks like an ordinary pen. It is sold in the shops and supermarkets freely. How does it work? You just write something on your hand, desk or piece of paper and nobody can see what it is written. Your secret message can be read just with the help of special lights, situated right here on the top of a pen.

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