TOP Hottest Gadgets UAE: Trends and Brands

TOP Hottest Gadgets UAE: Trends and Brands

UAE is a world popular trade leader. This is also a platform to present new and high technology products. Numerous exhibitions give you a chance to buy a new and cool gadget for adequate price. Did you hear about the every-year spring exhibition Abu Dhabi Electronics Shopper, where you can buy electronics for low prices? There is another great opening – Gitex. The total sum of the last-year sale was € 45,74 million. Welcome! You always have a chance to visit an exhibition sale in Dubai. What are they, popular gadgets that you can meet?

Cicret  Wearable Projection Band

Nike Fuelpoint

Fuelband is a gadget that is useful to check your physical activity every day. Whatever you do, dance, walk, just go along the street or shop in the nearest supermarket or Dubai Mall, the gadget on your hand watch every your movement. What is good, NikeFuel is synchronized with your phone or laptop through the internet. You can get the result of your activity in form of graph and diagram. You can share this information on the web and through the social media to compete and compare.

Toothbrush Timer

Every time you clean your teeth in the morning, your smartphone can tell you when to stop. The first high technology toothbrush was developed by Beam Technologies. The toothbrush is connected with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. You’ve got the picture of your teeth and optimal time to clean them. Statistics says that in general a man spends about 45 seconds for every tooth. Using your teeth characteristics and toothbrush construction, the program can prolong the procedure time. The Timer is available for Android.

Pet Tracker

This gadget is good for pet lovers. Let’s pretend that your lost pet can message you and inform about its location. What a great idea! This is what Tagg pet Tracker can do for you. The system is available for cats and dogs more than 4,5 kg weight. GPS is used to show your geo location of your lost friend. You can also put in the program all needed parameters about what territory is available to walk and what is not. So, you will get a message if your pet leaves the territory. The tracker is put on your pet’s neck. It is good at any season, weather, even in water.

You can use your laptop or smartphone to follow the pet. One way or another, you have to download the app on your gadget to be always connected. The tracker is not heavy, about 1,16 ounces to be connected in such a way that your pet is in safe when it is walking, running, jumping, swimming and even trenching.

Tagg - The Pet Tracker (charging)

Clear Water

If you travel far, you may have no opportunity to take the water bottle with you. Don’t worry, the solution is near. CamelBak designed a new clean water bottle – Clear Clear that can make your water clear with the help of UV technology in 60 seconds. The program uses UV technology to neutralize water from all harmful bacteria with no usage of any chemicals. This technology is not new now. It is used by all city water supply organizations to make the water product clean and safe. The company affirms that their technology kills bacteria 99,9999%, viruses 99,99% and primitives 99,9% according to EPA standards.

UV technology and a lam are integrated in the bottle cover. You should push a button to make it work. The lamp works for 10 000 cycles. It’s about 3 battles a day for 9 years. If you need more details, you can get them from the website.


Of course, there can be a big surprise to travel in UE without a car. You should hire a car in Dubai airport and take it back on the day you flight. The car makes you to drive safe. There is a useful gadget that can help to avoid road incidents. Mobileye 5-Series inform the driver about the possible accident, no matter from what, another careless driver or negligent passenger. Mobileye Series helps you to find all dangerous situations on the go. This is a new system to support drivers to visualize all dangerous situations on their smartphone on a real tome mode.

Your gadget read all road signs, road condition, every your movement on the road and protects you from doing something wrong.

Comparaison des systèmes d'assistance / Vergleich Fahrassistenzsysteme


Of course, a pen with inbuilt memory is not a surprise. There are two gadgets – HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB that are organized with mini cameras and DVR inside. HD PenCam is able to make video of a high quality AVI (1280 x 720). It has 16 GB memory size on micro SD. Another model is equipped with 4 GB. The both gadget can take photos and videos with one click, date and time function and friendly with your computer. HD PenCam power lasts for 45 minutes. It can be recharged from USB-laptop port. 16 GB memory is enough to take about 8 hours video and 72 000 pictures. In return, 4 GB memory is enough to take about 2 hours video and 18 000 pictures.

stylus touch pen artfinger

Mobee Magic Feet

Apple gadgets are popular for UAE citizens and tourists. You have a chance to recharge them all for free, even Bluetooth keyboard. The inductive charge system Mobee Magic Feet can recharge your gadgets without touching them. You can use for three gadgets all together. Full charge takes about 6 hours and lasts for 10 days. What a term! Obviously, you can use your gadgets while they are on charge. The price of it can be about $ 150.

If you want to learn more about the coolest up-to-date and renewed old gadgets, you should visit the coolest modern country. UAE high technology exhibitions are waiting for you. You can check the information about time and date on the web. You should know that UAE is also good to trade different types of technic, meet the latest news and shop for the cheapest price.

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