TOP 7 Language Learning Apps that You Need Right Now!

Are you ready for the vacation? Do you want to have the best result at exams? Do you want to find some time for being alone? It’s not a problem at all. You have a chance to spend your time usefully whenever you are. Just don’t forget to take your smartphone with you. Why? It’s your key to comfort, entertainments, education, communication. Let’s see! You may use a special car rental app like ACE rental car in San Francisco or San Juan, Denver, Las Vegas, and any other popular American destination. It’s comfortable, isn’t it? Also, you may easily use your phone for booking tickets, online shopping, learning.

Really, you can read books, use dictionary, do exercises to prepare for exams. There are many mobile apps that are very helpful in learning a new language or improving the language you already started to learn. So, what are they, the best helpful language learning applications?

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Duolingo App

This is the brightest app ever! You can find a good version for kids if you need. You are progressing and see your progress! There are many languages to learn available and different options to pick the speed of learning, complexity level. You start with simple words and phrases and go to learn sentences step by step. You can write, read, pronounce, listen to native pronunciation, and check your answers. Duolingo makes your learning process interesting. Besides, you have to repeat all words and phrases you’ve just learnt all the time on your way of learning.

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Meet app that is considered to be the best language teacher for more than 80 million of listeners. The best its quality is interactivity. So, you can pick one of 12 available languages, training courses, private tutors. Where to start? You may start from a language test to know your level. That’s great! Also, you are offered to pick your own learning program, basic or advance grammar, language support and correction. Just pick the course you need and get the official certificate at the end.

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It is not a secret that students usually use special cards to memorize new words and word combinations. That’s rather effective, isn’t it? So, Memrise uses the same learning approach. You start slow and steady and continue your way of learning with supportive materials, advices, additional information. The app impresses you with friendly and pleasant interface. If you think you are good in languages, you should pay attention to Memrise Pro that has many different games, training tasks to practice languages.

Free for Android and iOS

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HelloTalk App

This must be the best talking app ever and the most effective one. The biggest problem in learning languages is speaking. People learn words, phrases, grammar rules and reading recommendations, but they cannot talk. Lack of practice! HelloTalk connects people! The idea is simple and genius. You learn language by talking. By the way, you have an opportunity to talk to natives to manage your terrible accent! Don’t worry if you are not good at speaking yet. You are offered to take a test and define your level to be accepted in the group.

Free for Android and iOS

Rosetta App

This unique app takes one of TOP positions in learning. It is more than 30 years! You are offered to pick one of 25 available languages. This is the best variant if you are a beginner. You are taught correct sounds and basic grammar. How? Just listen to new words and repeat them. Also, you can follow your progress and regulate your learning program. The mobile version of Rosetta is free. This must be the best variant to dive into a new language every time you are free. Sometimes, 10 minutes a day is enough to progress.

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Clozemaster App

The choice is impressive here! More than 100 languages are available to learn. There is nothing to think about. You should start learning language with simple words. You learn more and more and get winning points for that. Then you can dive into the world of grammar. Your winning points give you interesting bonuses and privileges. Clozemaster is good for checking your results and refreshing everything you’ve already learnt.

Free for Android and iOS


What do you know about Beelinguapp? It has a lot of interesting and useful materials for learning. Books mean much! There is a unique service of audio books. That’s so great you can listen to native speech and repeat it in your own manner. Also, you can read the books on your own. What is your favorite book? Sure enough, you can find it here!

Free for Android and iOS

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Learning languages improves your memory. It boosts your perception, listening, communication skill. Why do you need that? Learning languages is really helpful for your business, traveling, occupation. Don’t worry if you have to learn a new language in short terms. Mobile apps give you tones of opportunities. You can pick the most primitive one and practice from your phone.

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