TOP 7 Helpful Apps to Book a Table in the Restaurant

Do you want to call your friend and take them out for an appointment? It’s so easy to do with the help of your smartphone. It really makes your life easier and more comfortable. Thus, to rent a vehicle for the period of your vacation or even for one night you’d better to use a competent app and pick ACE rent a car SFO or your location. It takes no more than 5 minutes to compare prices and pick one. It’s not about cars only. Even simple tasks can be done with the click of a button. Digital applications are successful for any business, including restaurants and bars.

Of course, you may have a smartphone, tablets, laptops. Do you still call to the restaurant for booking a table? You should try different online-booking apps.

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Open Table

What is its main function? This app can be very helpful to reserve a table for tonight. What a simple but useful function! Of course, you cannot compare prices and see restaurant rates and feedbacks. But still, you can fill in the form and book a table in a couple of clicks. That’s really fast and especially goods for people who already know what to decide on.


This interesting app helps you to learn the rates and investigate new places. It’s very comfortable to book a table in your location and spend minimum time to get it. LocalEats is the best in the sphere of restaurant reservation. What is more, you can see the restaurant menu, popular and recommended dishes. Just define your location and see the list of available restaurants around. This is the right time to learn and compare them in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Foodspotting App

There was time when Foodspotting app had problems with reliability and performance. But the problems have gone. You can easily learn more about one or another dish, see the picture, and read clients’ feedbacks. This is the way you can make an order faster without wasting time for learning ingredients at the table. As you can see, there is no a full list of available restaurants, but there is a chance to read more about the dish you are offered to order.

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Let’s pretend that you are a vegetarian. Of course, you should watch what you eat. There are many helpful apps that are able to give you all necessary information. You can find an eatery to try only vegetables or meat dishes. Also, you can learn about that right place in the city to find dishes for any diet, like milk or meat limits. There is also a chance to look through the restaurant pictures. The app is good for all people who take care of their health and need some specific food. It doesn’t mean that you should stay at home this evening, does it?


It is not a secret that such platforms as Yelp and Tripadvisor are the biggest in the world. Why? What makes them successful? People make. Thousands of people leave their comments there. The platforms are full of comments, posts, different rates about one or another place, including hotels, restaurants, shops, fitness centers from different countries. Whenever you are you can read about the restaurant you are going to take your family tonight and then decide. Also, if you don’t like food or service, you may leave your own comment to describe the situation. If you cannot find any comment about the place you’ve just visited, you can be the first who can do that. There is Yelp for mobile phones with the same functioning.


Starbucks App

What a helpful application it is! Starbucks gives you a chance to order your favorite drink beforehand from your smartphone with no lines and limitations. Also, you can earn bonuses and stars. The app is very helpful when you used to come for coffee here every day. You may get sales and special coupons for free drinks and topping.


This application can hardly help you to find a good restaurant for tonight and book a table. Acorns is mostly used as a kind of financial support. Every time you are going to pay in the restaurant for dinner with your credit card, Acorns invest some money into your dinner. The app is good not only for restaurants but also for shopping. Of course, it’s not about a big money, but what a pleasant bonus you get!

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Happy Hours

Do you like visiting restaurant for happy hours? Of course, you do! This is a nice opportunity to get a good dinner for twice cheaper price. Feel hungry? Try to find a restaurant on your location with happy hours available! Also, you can learn about special proposals.

So, you have a chance to download any of these apps on your phone and order the best restaurant for today. But don’t forget to use one of above-listed apps to share your impressions, prices, emotions. This can be very helpful in future for other visitors.

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