Top 5 Futuristic Motorcycle

Top 5 Futuristic Motorcycle

It is nice cruising through the street in a car but it will be more fun with a motorcycle. These days motorcycles are getting more popular and you can find various types of motorcycles on the market. And now we are getting ready for all the futuristic designs, and that includes motorcycles. There are some manufacturers that have already had their concepts for a futuristic motorcycle. Here are some of them

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

BMW has been very popular with their exotic car and futuristic technology, but this one is totally incredible! At the first sight of this motorcycle, you will get the impression of its futuristic and sturdy look. The bike comes with its own equipment like glasses instead of a helmet, smart clothing, and the ability to balance itself without using a kickstand. The elements which make the body like the frame cover, the front wheel cover and the seat are made from carbon. This is so far the most favorited futuristic motorbike that has a totally different concept from head to toe.

Suzuki G-Strider

Little do people know that Suzuki actually has the technology of Honda NM4 Vultus for more than a decade ago. The appearances of both bikes are almost similar. But what is more surprising is, despite being conceived more than a decade ago, but this Suzuki G-Strider has more futuristic motorcycle feature than the later. It has Intelligent Telematics which could display the status of the bike into the monitor, and the self-diagnosis system which could display the rearview. Unfortunately, Suzuki couldn’t realize the mass production of this bike.

Yamaha Tesseract

This futuristic motorcycle from Yamaha comes in the form of a hybrid quad bike. Powered by a powerful V-twin engine and electric motor, you can enjoy better grip and fewer bumps on uneven roads. The gas consumption is also pretty low due to its hybrid nature.

Bombardier Embrio

This unique unicycle is actually powered by hydrogen fuel cell that mixes hydrogen and oxygen. It has a pair of small wheels at the front to stabilize the bike when you start or stop, which retracts after the speed reaches 12 mph.

Peraves Monotracer

This one futuristic motorcycle could also be considered as a half-car-half-bike. It features a fully enclosed passenger and driver seats with air conditioning and windshield wipers. If you want a bike that could protect you from rain and weather, this is the one you are looking for.

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