Things to Know about the Features of Coming Soon Page!

Want to do certain maintenance of your WP site? Needless to say, you don’t want to lose your clients. Irrespective of keeping the main page blank or with anonymous texts, you can use coming soon plugin and convert your main page into an effective tool to inform the targeted audience about your maintenance work.

This is how you could not lose any clients and able to divert the traffic once you are back. From the list of options, you can choose among free as well as pro versions of coming soon plugins.

Let’s discuss the features that you will get when you opt for it-

  • You can do SEO analysis and runs over 20 tests

  • You get a real-time preview using SEO snippet preview option

  • No download needed for themes because you will get 50+ themes for support

  • Possible to add a content overlay and create a transparent background

  • Get up to 400,000 + images to select and display it on the page

  • Possible to resize and cover the image along with the support of 9 predefined positions

  • Adding background video source makes it more realistic

  • Choose from the list 700+ Google fonts to add texts and display the message

  • Possible to change font color, font style and match it accordingly

  • Add social media buttons and make the visitors aware of your personal/business details

  • Get the easy option to add maps along with its zoom level and adjustable height

  • Add countdown date/ time/ label size/ label color and more options

Apart from these things, there are many sophisticated features. Some individuals also prefer the progressive bar to add on the screen. It helps in determining the percentage of completion of work and when the site would be ready. The best thing is that bar height, color and size can be adjusted depending on the requirements.

If you want to add newsletter subscription, it is one of the best ways to inform the interested visitors. So, choose a good WordPress plugin that can make it possible.

Some Important Tips

Coming soon plugins are not only used for maintenance of the WP sites, but developers also use it to pre-promoting any site before its actual launch date. It is a new way of acquiring a good number of clients in a quick time. If you have decided to launch your site in the upcoming days, you can purchase your domain and set coming soon page. In the meanwhile, you can make your site ready with an eye-catchy design and prepare the necessary contents as well.

Once you are ready with your site, you can launch it and reach the targeted audience. This is how you could have the full control on your WP site. Suppose you want to do maintenance in the near future, you can follow the above steps and set a coming soon page. In this way, you remain active when your site is being maintained and tested with new themes.

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