The Golden Rule Of Product Marketing Videos: Show, Don’t Tell

The Golden Rule Of Product Marketing Videos: Show, Don’t Tell

Have you ever thought about how the term ‘spoilers’ came about? The simple version is that you want to watch that movie and see it for yourself. Having somebody tell you just gives you all of the information with none of the excitement. That is why your products’ marketing videos need to show off your goods, and not just tell customers about them.

Show off your unique selling point

Buyers want to know what they are getting. We are spoiled for choice in modern times, with so many different variations for nearly every product on the market. If you are selling kitchen appliances, what makes your product different from the rest?

Marketing your products with videos allows you the opportunity to show what your product does or delivers that similar offerings can’t. If you are selling a mixer that has an automatic self-washing feature not seen anywhere else, put that in the video and show your customers this unique selling point.

Show that your promises have value

Trust is a vital aspect of successful business. When you buy a product that promises something, but it doesn’t deliver on that, do you feel like doing business with that brand again? If a brand loses the trust of its buyers, sales will decline.

By making a demo video to market your product you have the chance to show your potential customers how well the product delivers on your promises even before they buy it. You offer them a way to trust you, and that trust will encourage sales much more than a sticker on a box simply describing a handy feature.

Tutorials are a winner 

We’ve all bought something, only to take it out of the box and ask that same question: How does it work? So show your customers how the product works. Make a video that takes customers through the process from opening the box, through the setup, to actually using the product.

They will thank you for the help, and you might get some good reviews and comments on the video too. Who would say no to that kind of positive publicity?

How do you make such a video? 

Get in touch with a professional corporate video company. They’ve got the equipment, experience and expertise to help you make the perfect product marketing video. Give it a shot.

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