The 5 Newest Technologies That Are Transforming Our Lives

Our everyday realities are constantly changing through the development of new technologies, in every element of our lives. Our entanglement with technology is increasing, which many argue is enhancing humanness and the human capacity. It assists in our everyday lives, and the technologies below prove the drastic effects of technology on our lives.


6 Pack in 60 Minutes? New Fitness Regimes

You no longer need to go to the gym to get a six pack. Instead, new groundbreaking technology enables simultaneous fat burning and muscle building. Let’s be real, it would be pretty impossible for any of us to do 20,000 sit ups or squats in 30 minutes, unless you have a lot of energy! This is exactly what these new technologies offer, with thousands of repetitions being simulated, resulting in serious fat loss and an increase of muscle. Be sure to visit a reputable aesthetic clinic who use the official technologies to ensure you get the safest and most effective results.  This non-invasive treatment has the ability to transform the body like never before.


Driverless Cars

Many have criticised this new technology over risks of safety fears, however there are a vast amount of positives. Driverless cars will eventually remove the need for human motorists all together, which in turn will reduce the amount of traffic fatalities, yet this is only the most obvious positive consequence. Firstly, driverless cars promise to change the lives of the elderly or disabled, who often are unable to drive themselves so as a result lose their independence. As well as this, driverless cars will be far more precise than human driven cars, meaning less road space is required, leaving greater space for pedestrian paths.


Big Data

Companies with unprecedented amount of users or subscribers make use of big data to effectively target their audience and provide them with an intensely personal media environment. Big data refers to the data created and also how this is applied to the benefit of the company as well as consumers. For example, Netflix has over 139 million subscribers (as of 2019), all of whom they collect data from. Watching patterns, themes of viewing and consumption are all carefully traced, which in turn enables Netflix to suggest new content for their customers through the ‘Recommended for You’ feature. Stranger Things was the first show that was completely determined by Big Data, targeting users tastes, hence its global success. If you were likely to enjoy the show, you would automatically see an ad as you open Netflix. If the data revealed you were highly likely to enjoy it, you would receive an email inviting you to watch the new show. This new TV business model is moving further and further away from traditional television schedules, and seems to be the future of consumption.


The Future of Energy

The demand for clean energy is constantly rising. Solar energy is clearly the future, yet currently, humanity is nowhere near to exploiting its full potential. Fortunately, a lot of time is being invested into investigating the possibilities of solar energy and exciting developments are being made. There are even suggestions of ‘spray on-panels’, which could lead to a huge shift in the paradigm of solar energy. It is currently in testing, and if successful, will make extraordinary changes, providing a far more affordable solution to green energy.

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