Reasons For Using Fiber Optic Cable

Communications companies have transformed their infrastructure by changing their chopper cables with fiber optic cable due to the speed. Fibre optic cables have performed the speed approaching the velocity of light. In fact, fiber optic cables provide various benefits :


Fibre optic performs a high resistance to any hacking activities or interceptions. While the conventional business cable performs a more vulnerable security, fiber optic cable can only be interfered by cutting it physically, which result in loss of transmission. You can increase your company security and safety by converting your conventional chopper to fiber optic cable.

Low Attenuation

It means that fiber cable optic performs higher capabilities against the signal damage than conventional chopper cables due to various factors which are majorly power decline. With fiber optic cable you can transmit information up to 24.8 miles while the conventional copper cables are way lower.

Graphics Support

As you go on e-commerce business, you’ll need to have a stable transmission to support various business activities. It will include digital marketing campaign video, advertising, promotional video, training video, cloud file transfer and backups, and so forth. A digital marketing campaign is considered to be one of the most effective methods to promote products and services and enhance sales, especially when it involves video uses.


You might have dealt with electromagnetic interference in your copper cable generated by the close distance of other electronic equipment. In other hands, electromagnetic interference has no effects on fiber cables. This allows you to have a stable connection which is one of the most important elements of e-commerce business. At this point, the use of fiber optic cable is inevitable in digital-based business.

Beside electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic currents may hinder any copper wires cables and disturb the network system as it’s properly installed. Fibre optic can deal with this issues very well.

Symmetric Speed

The same rate of upload rate and download rate is defined the symmetric speed. There were times that symmetric speed was impossible. However, fiber optic cables make it possible, you can have symmetric speed throughout your business network connection. This will be helpful as your business requires a high rate of file transfers and connectivity.


Fiber optic cables perform a lower risk of fire as the other advantages. Furthermore, fiber optic cables can more resistance to damage and breaking so you won’t be required to replace the cable installation as frequent you use the conventional fiber optic.

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