Origins Of English Language And Its Significance For Today’s Standards

According to a recent study, there are about almost more than six-hundred million people in the world who speak English as their primary dialect. English is supposedly the third most spoken language across the globe. Moreover, the English language is one of the most vital and prevailing dialects all around the world in today’s modern age. Back in the 5th century A.D., people in that time who were inhabitants of Britain used to speak Celtic languages. However, the Latin language was introduced in that era when Britain was conquered by Julius Caesar.

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In this day and age, people from disparate regions are also adopting the English language in their life to fill the communication gap from the globalised and extensively progressing world. However, if we look back to some centuries ago, the usage and composition of the English language was different from the present era. Ancient English dialect was a combination of wordings from different dialects and different regions.

However, today’s modern English is derived from the influence of the fourteenth century. This is owing to the fact that the printing media arrived in Britain, and hence it was required to follow the proper usage of grammar, spellings, and accurate sentence structuring.

Furthermore, when the British Empire conquered several other regions, the language was also further expanded and enhanced due to the influence of different cultures and styles from the new factions.


As for the present, the English language is still evolving with the passage of time since today’s world comprises of many different cultures, civilisations, human interactions, and numerous languages which overwhelmingly influence the English dialect.

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