Mistakes That You May Do When Performing SEO Tasks

Mistakes That You May Do When Performing SEO Tasks

We always make mistakes, but it is perfectly possible for us to minimize our mistakes. It is important for you to make excessive mistakes during your SEO project, because it may have long-term consequences. As an example, you should have low keyword prominence, which could happen when you put too few primary keywords in title, description and the actual main body of your content. This could happen when you become unfocused and start to discuss things that have little relevance to your main topic. Another problem is when you use too many tables. Tables are convenient to use, because we can easily adjust the layout of our webpage. However, using too many tablets to create small sections in your webpage could have implications on your SEO effort.

When you do this, you may actually divide the webpage into multiple blocks and it will be harder for bots to index your content. Tables can be made invisible, so users won’t see the actual tables and they only see that your content has been separated into chunks. However, bots will see them through the codes. Using tables also mean that you lower the text to code ratio. Another problem can happen when you have dynamic webpages. It means that the webpage is not created using a fixed set of content, but the content can be grabbed from the database or real-time information. Many platforms use complicated and hard to understand structure for dynamic pages. You should ask your developers to make the system to use consistent URL structure, regardless of whether the content static or dynamic.

One more mistake that you make is if you ignore the importance of sitemap. It is true that web crawlers are capable enough in indexing most sites, but you make it easier for them to crawl, if you submit your sitemap to Google and other major search engines. Sitemap is a snapshot of the structure of your website and with it, spider will be able to find all of your websites sooner and easier. CMS platforms for your website can help you to create a sitemap easily. It is important for you to ensure that your sitemap works well in many situations. You may visit Sitemaps.org to ensure that your generated sitemap is fully compatible to all the standards and it works really well in many situations.

Another problem can happen if you rely too much on JavaScript and various onpage scripting codes. These scripts are helpful, but to make them remain helpful, you should know how to use them properly. The best practice is to put the scripts at a separate file that can be called by all webpages of your website. It means that you don’t need to put the same block code over and over again at all webpages. This eases the maintenance, because when you want to change your script codes, you can simply edit the separate code file and the effect will be implemented throughout your website instantly. Using separate code files will also allow you to keep a relatively high ratio between text and code, which will contribute in ensuring better indexing performance.

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