Latest Trends In SEO

Latest Trends In SEO

The SEO industry continues to develop and we are seeing new methods being implemented. As an example, we will continue to see further implementations of Schema markup. Since the semantic search, Schema is considered the next effective thing to help us to become successful in SEO. If you want to rank well in today’s SERP, it is a good idea to consider using Schema. Schema markup is essentially a semantic vocabulary or type code. It is used to help search engines better understand about a website and it means that our website will be displayed properly in SERP. Google has told us the Schema is about enhancing our user experience. Also, with Schema, we will also be able to simplify and improve the overall purpose of our content. We will be able to make sure that text snippets can become more appealing for readers. Schema works well with RankBrain, the machine learning AI used by Google. It means that by implementing Schema in your website, it will be interpreted more easily by RankBrain.

Google is relying more on artificial intelligent to better provide us with accurate results, so you should respond to this trend by implementing Schema markup in your SEO projects. Google is also known for its frequent changes in SERP. Recently, we have seen that SERP has changes in laypir and the snipper width becomes longer. So, it is important for us to try to take advantage of this sutyation. We should make sure that the text displated on the SERP will be able to properly describve our website and webpages. Most of the time, webpages become the primary entry points for the audience, instead of the primary landing pages. As an example, Google shows Wikipedia page that is relevant to our search term, instead of showing the main page of Wikipedia. So, it is essential that the first sentence of our webpages provide brief and clear description. So, people will know whether our webpage contains the information that they are looking for.

Google AMP also becomes an important thing to consider during our SEO projects. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are one of Google’s initiatives in SEO and it’s intended to improve the performance of webpages opened on mobile devices. Sometimes, we find that webpages are not rendered well on mobile devices and Google wants to fix that. Specifically, AMP makes mobile webpages to load faster, by using the streamlined version of HTML and CSS, as well as Google’s cache. In an ideal situation, a mobile page could load up to 30 times faster and requires 8 times of data size to open than non-AMP implementations. An average, well-featured mobile webpage will require only 22 seconds to fully load. You should take into account these new enhancements to ensure that your website will survive better in the SEO campaign. There are many things that you can do to better improve your solutions and take your website one step further compared to the competition.

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