ISRO The New Prospective Player In Space Program

ISRO The New Prospective Player In Space Program

India has not only surprised the world with the economy but also the technologies and sciences. Today, India has put big concern on their space program which is already self-reliant and eligible to maintain independent universe space exploration. The space program of India or called ISRO is progressive and beneficial. Many experts and scientists around the world have admitted the competences of Indian space works. With a very limited budget, India had launched “The Mars Orbiter Mission” which is their first interplanetary mission, and their first attempt. It’s very surprising due to the fact that Japan and China have failed their attempts in Mars exploration.

Today, India is going to launch the homegrown rocket with an astronaut in it. ISRO has announced their ambitious plan in rocketing hundreds of satellites soon. At this point, India will compete for the china as the economic superpower and technology leader in Asia. India is fully driven to enhance their space technology. ISRO is very promising and ambitious in catching developed countries’ space technologies.

Uni Soviet or now Russia and USA have been two main players tightly competing for space exploration and technologies. In fact, this competition has been never ending without any third player. Both countries have spent Billion dollars to win the battle, but the game itself is never-ending. There are actually developed space research owned by several countries but they might surprise no one. The presence of ISRO is like enlightenment in such less progressive competition. India has responded the unwillingness in sharing the advanced technology in a very elegant way. India has decided to develop their own technology. ISRO has been so progressive in preparing to send their first astronaut to space.

The fascinating Indian economic growth has fully supported and backed up the ISRO through tremendous research facilities, full-drive workforces, and so forth. Even though it faces several international sanctions, ISRO has managed to grow progressively, which also triggers surprising responses from developed countries including USA, Russia, China, UK, Japan, China, Sout Korea and so forth. They show the will for joining the research programs of ISRO which has previously been succeeded in launching hundred foreign satellites. ISRO becomes the favorite in such business due to its reliable launches and the affordable cost. ISRO will be more developed at any time in the future. It’s worth to wait where ISRO will send the first Indian astronaut to space with an advanced vehicle.

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