Increasing The Lifespan Of Laptop Batteries

Increasing The Lifespan Of Laptop Batteries

Here are how you can increase the lifespan of laptop battery

1. Saver Mode

Battery saver mode or economy mode is actually available in any laptops. It allows your laptop to run in lower power. The performance of the machines including hard disk, processor, memory and of course display is reduced to spend less power. This will maintain your battery’s life.

2. Display Brightness

The display is the most draining part of electronic devices including your laptop especially for those which is built with LEDs. You can reduce the brightness while the battery is about to die, or you can simply set a lower but acceptable brightness at the first time.

3. Manage Ports or Devices

You need to turn off any devices connected to your laptop. If you’re offline, then you may not require Wifi, turn it off and it will save your battery more. You can also disable or turn off external devices like DVD ROMS, external USB hard disk, and so forth.

4. Maintain the Resolution

The high resolution which is featured in the most modern laptops is actually battery draining. You can simply reduce the resolution as you’re not working on graphics-related activities, it will reduce the battery consumption significantly.

5. Disable the backlight of devices

Many premium laptops are featured with keyboard backlight. When you’re in a light room, then you can disable the backlight of your keyboard to save your battery power. In fact, you can survive without the backlight in most conditions.

6. App Management

You can simply close unused applications and background processes which drain your battery. The hardware is actually not the only factors of battery draining. Apps which are running in the background is exhausting your laptop’s machine and bring them to drain so fast.

7. Cooling Down

You should put your laptop on the surfaces that can absorb the heat well especially when you’re going to use your laptop for a longer time. Heating is the common issues that not only drain the battery but also damage it. Soft surfaces like bed, pillow, sofas, or cushions should be avoided, use the hard surfaces including desk or plain table instead.

8. Dirty

The overheating can be generated by trapped heat in the machine due to accumulated dirt or dust on the ventilation holes or fans. Make sure you clean every exit points where the heat should come out for your laptop.

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