How To Make Your Ajax Implementations Work Better For SEO Project?

How To Make Your Ajax Implementations Work Better For SEO Project?

JavaScript was introduced to developers as a way for them to improve the usability of their website. There are various methods that we can use. As an example, Ajax is a technology that can be used to facilitate proper integration between server and browser. It is known for the frequent usages in e-commerce. If you plan to use Ajax for various purposes, it is important to ensure that you are able to obtain the SEO-friendly fashion. You should make sure that you able to implement the full range of capabilities and features found in Ajax. While you do that, it is essential that the SEO-friendliness of your implementation needs to be maintained. There are basic algorithms that we need to follow when we develop our website.

It is a common knowledge that search engines don’t parse JavaScript. It is important to make sure that you are able to execute Ajax calls and receive the feedback. After making changes to Ajax codes, you should ensure that the page content is changed properly. This may sound somewhat redundant, but it is important to validate that what you’re doing is perfectly correct. This is particularly true if you need to use CSS as well and you need to make sure that the combination of stylesheets and Ajax won’t become a show-stopping limitation to your implementations. Again, when implementing Ajax, you should consider the fact that search engines don’t parse Javascript, because it is a critical fact.

 You should properly setip your pages, so they can be called similar in fashion to  index.php?page=page_name. It means that you need to be able to type index.php?page=page_name at the address bar, then the index.php file delivers the whole page. The script for the index.php should also be altered, if the GET variable is configured at ajax_caller=true set. The you will be able to a unique content to the page, such as index.php?page=page_name&ajax_caller=true. The Ajax caller function needs to be configured, so it will properly accept the page parameter and you are able to call the proper URL. Each of the links should be set up, so the HREF attributes are set to the onClick attribute and to index.php?page=page_name. These are essential to ensure that your Ajax implementations will work well in any SEO project scenario.

By configuring things similar to the above, you can make sure that search engines are able to follow links. You will have identical view as users who gets the Ajax enabled and you will be able to deal with more advanced interfaces. However, you should be aware of the Ajax methodologies that can result in a number of side effects. As an example, users can be allowed to bookmark specific pages, because you have given them the link. Many browsers allow you to bookmark the link by right-clicking it. The friendliness of your search engine should be maintained. You should know how to perform various functions, such as controlling the Title and Meta tags of the page content.

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