Higher Or Greener Tech?

Higher Or Greener Tech?

Have you got yourself the latest smartphone or laptops? It is surely exciting to have high tech goods at our own hands. But did you know that something of high tech might have been abusing our natural resources? We are on the verge of environmental crisis here. As the population grows each year, our demands on high tech goods will increase as well. Moreover, one person could have more than one gadget/laptops. You could imagine how could we preserve our limited resources if this keeps going on. In this case, we need what we call as greener tech, which purpose is to preserve the environment from the damage that could be caused by human activities.

It is true that discovering new technologies will help us to do things faster and more efficiently. In the last decade out tech has developed in frightening speed than before. Just in the last five years, we have brand new mobile phone launched each year with more advanced technology each. Have you paid attention that the interval is getting shorter now? It has been a debate whether we could survive in the next decades if we keep going on using the resources at our current pace. The population will keep increasing in number as well as the demand for the goods.

On the contrary, greener tech’s purpose is to preserve the limited resources. It focuses on discovering the replacement of our limited resources to something recyclable or renewable. In these last years, giant companies like Tesla have been developing electric cars and hybrid cars that could run with water as fuel. But developing this technology needs more time and resources. The goods which are made with green tech are also significantly more expensive than the normal ones. This is also one problem we are facing. With the higher price, it is not possible to reach out to middle-low economic classes. For the time being, the discovery of the alternatives has the priority. Later on, we will find out how we could make the production cost cheaper so it could be affordable for all people.

Developing the current tech to the higher phase is important. However, all the high tech will be useless if we no longer have the environment to live. The advancement of technology is still important but we have to also preserve the environment for the next generations and generations long after.

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