Does My Business Need Odour Extraction?

Odour extraction is a vital part of many industrial businesses, especially those such as waste processing sites, as they offer a form of controlling air pollution to improve overall air quality, as well as obviously the smell. So, if you’re unsure of whether you need odour extraction systems for your business, have a read below!


What Exactly is an Odour Extraction System?


Although they come in many different forms, there are some key elements in every system. They all contain a carbon absorber, regenerative thermal oxidisers to burn the odour, biofilters and scrubbers. It works by having industrial fans to pull air through ductwork and to extract it into the atmosphere. The ductwork is welded with stainless steel, and can be made bespoke to fit the needs of your company. 


Why Is It Important? 


Odours in warehouses, especially ones such as waste environments, can become toxic and cause harmful health problems if not managed in the correct way. This can have very serious implications for your staff’s health. Having an odour extraction system will help to control these unpleasant and dangerous odours to ensure that you have a safe place in which to work. If you have a warehouse that produces a large amount of unwanted odours, then it is essential that you have an odour extraction system. Call in specialists to evaluate the situation and to identify the best system for you. 


Recycling and Waste


Odour can be a major issue for waste companies, so having a specialist system to help with providing high quality indoor and outdoor air is key. Waste processes such as turning waste into usable energy are also available, which makes this waste management method environmentally conscious. Odour extraction services are essential in the assembly and preservation of waste-to-energy and waste recycling. 


Other Extraction Systems


If you run a business in a warehouse, there are other extraction systems to consider. Dust extraction systems handle the movement of dust through a range of filters which can catch wood, flour and powder dust. The circulation of clean air, control over hazardous work spaces, improved health of employees and limited damage to machinery are just a few of the benefits of having one of these systems. 


Fume extraction systems are also vital as industrial processes can generate harmful dust and fumes. When a material is altered in any way, it has the potential to produce harmful fumes, and this should be high on the agenda of any business. From solvent to paint and welding extraction, the possibilities are endless. Bespoke extraction systems can be made for your business, so make sure you choose the right air movement specialist for you.  

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