Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls

As a site owner one of the most important goals for you is to improve your site engagement. More traffic and engagement on the site can help you increase your revenue. For instance ad revenue for news & information sites is directly proportional to the volume of traffic. In case of product manufacturers and service provider more views translates into more sales. Even search engines such as Google tend to rank engaging websites higher taking into account the time average users spend on the website. Since the early days of the digital revolution businesses have tried different tricks to increase traffic on their websites. If it was through email marketing in the nascent stages of dot com revolution it moved over to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing over the years. But with billion plus websites and most of them running their SEO and SMM campaign you need to think of more creative ways to boost engagement on your website.

Talking about boosting engagement on your website to state a fact it isn’t the easiest of tasks to do. The top 500 websites in the world account for bulk of page views and the rest is shared among the crowd of billion plus websites which you are a part of. Unless you are one of the most popular web platforms in the world you need to constantly work towards attracting new users and retaining loyal users to the site. You can’t drop your guard as thousands of websites are going live every day. If you rest on your laurels you could soon be out of the race as there is some other website that is looking to take your place. The bottom-line – you need to actively work towards boosting engagement. How to do it? Let’s find out –  

Polls are the new crowd puller
You may be actively pursuing with a SEO or SMM campaign and it may have paid you rich dividends. While both these strategies bring traffic to your website they don’t really engage the users. This is where polls have become one of the best strategies to engage users. Most users like to take part in polls and surveys when they come across one and it also serves as one of the biggest pullers for the users towards a website. You may have seen top platforms running polls on a regular basis. This is done to create an interactive opportunity between the site and the user. You’d be able to engage a casual user on your website with these polls and convert them into your loyal followers. Since polls are interactive they engage your users faster than other engagement strategies that you may have tried in the past. Creating polls is easy when you use an online poll maker.

Users are expressive, let them express
You may wonder why polls are the smartest way of increase engagement on your website. The reason is simple – humans by nature and very expressive and today when people are hooked on to their devices on a 24/7 basis you need to give them the platform to express their views. While most websites in the past tried comments and feedback section on their websites in the past to let users express their views and opinions, polls are definitely a smarter way to do it. While creating polls you ask users a question or a set of question and offer them distinct choice of answers that would cater to the broader community. Users find it convenient to take part in polls compared to writing comments which is time taking especially on smartphones. By adding polls to your website you exploit your target audiences’ expressive bent of mind and increase the popularity of the website.

The advent of social media had turned the world into a huge community where people like to know opinions of others and share theirs on a larger platform. Even buying decisions are often made based on feedback and opinions that are found within the network. This is where polls fit in perfectly into your marketing mix. By making use of interactive graphs and charts you can make polls interesting and let users participate actively in your polls and spread it out within their own network. When polls go viral they can exponentially increase traffic to your website and as a direct consequence you will experience increased engagement on your website.

Polls are great for returning website
While most strategies for increasing traffic to websites focus on bringing new users to a website, they tend to somewhat ignore the returning user. What is the incentive for a loyal user to come to your website on a regular basis? Unless you are a news and information website or an ecommerce store you aren’t likely to publish content on the website regularly. This is where polls can work their magic as they offer something new to your loyal user. Every time they come to your website there is an opportunity for them to interact with your brand in a new way. In a competitive online ecosystem returning users are often the best brand ambassadors and using polls you would keep them in good spirit and can hope to increase your user base from within their network.

Do it with Online Poll Makers hassle-free
You may have always wanted to use polls on your website but skipped this idea thinking it to be a technical challenge. Yes, creating polls was a big challenge in the past and it would test technical knowhow of the developer, but not anymore. Online poll makers have completely changed the way polls are created and launched on websites. To state their greatest USP – there is no coding involved in the process. Much like modern Content Management Systems allow you to manage a website without having to write a single line of code an Online Poll Maker would let you get started with your poll campaign within minutes. All that you need is a question in your mind along with few logical answers and a poll maker would take care of the rest.

Online poll makers have been designed to cater to a wide audience. A simple tool it will allow you to create a poll from scratch and launch it without any hassle. It offers you complete creative control over your polls and lets you launch one within minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a one-off polls or a long drawn campaign you’d find these tools extremely easy to use. The advantages of online polls makers don’t quite end here as they also let you measure the engagement rate of your polls along with other vital stats. These help you run a rewarding campaign that boosts engagement on your website and also helps you increase your sale and revenue.

How Online Poll Makers Help You?
An online poll maker helps you in many ways apart from letting you create polls in a hassle-free manner. Here are some of ways in which online poll maker help you in running a poll campaign.

  • Increase Traffic – The growth of traffic on any website is directly proportional to how engaging it is. Today users have a wide variety of sites to choose from and when you offer them an engaging experience they are likely to stick to your website and also promote your name within their community. In the long run this can increase traffic at a healthy rate.
  • Gather Feedback –Gathering feedback and gathering them at the right time is one of the most important activities for any modern business. And using polls you would be able to do it in the smartest and fastest way. Create a poll asking users to share their feedback on your latest products and services and you would be able to get actionable intelligence on how to improve them and stay ahead of competition.
  • Get New Leads – It doesn’t take the knowledge of rocket science to understand that more interaction on your website leads to higher lead generation. Since polls create more scope of interaction on the website you can smartly make use of a lead generation form and gather highly qualified leads for your sales team to act upon.
  • In-Depth Analytics – While you may already be using an analytics tool on your website online poll makers offer you real-time analytics on the performance of your polls. You’d be able to know in real-time who are coming to your website, where are they coming from and which platform is driving traffic to your site. This intelligence shall help you keep ahead of your rivals in a highly competitive business environment.

To sum up polls are the future of digital marketing and boosting engagement on your website. They not only bring in new traffic to the website but also lay the perfect platform for interaction between the brand and the user. Choose a robust online poll maker and you’d put yourself ahead of the competition in the race to the top of user engagement.

Mark Gill is a writer and marketing expert. He specializes in interactive content and spends most of his time online looking out for new things and implementing the best possible solutions for his work. He constantly explores trends in content marketing and uses them to increase engagement and ensure success. He has always strived for perfection and is surely on the path to achieve it.  

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