Best Practice Guidelines When Developing Your Websites

Best Practice Guidelines When Developing Your Websites

There are best practice guidelines when developing your website to make sure that it will better match your SEO campaigns. You should follow basic rules related to this, such as ensuring that you have high text to code ratio. It is also not a good idea to put a large amount of code at the top of your webpage source, which slows down the process of indexing your actual content. Too low or too high keyword ratio should also be avoided. If it is too low, your website won’t be well positioned for specific keywords and if it is too high, search engines may consider that your website is spammy, which could cause penalization. It is also considered as outdated to implement too much elements of tables and frames in your webpage.

If you have dynamic webpages in your site, it is important that you implement consistent URL structures. So, search engines will have an idea about the most correct URL structure. Another thing you want to avoid is to prevent the occurrence of duplicate content. For most parts, sitemap is already automatically generated if your use CMS. But if you have a custom made website, you need to make your own sitemap. You should consult your web developers to know how to create proper sitemap. Your sitemap may need to be regularly updated, if you have added one or more new categories, as well as a lot of new webpages. You need to avoid using excessive amount of JavaScript and other on-page scripting codes that can slow down the indexing process.

Having a good ratio between text and code is important. In general, search engine will index only the actual content of your webpages. When you design a website, you should make sure that the substance of your website is placed at the top of the webpage, whenever possible. Having 400 pages of complicated code at the top of your webpage source won’t do a lot in ensuring that your page can be properly indexed. In fact, there’s a possibility that not all of your content will be fully indexed. You should identify what keyword people use when they enter your website. After you find some of these keywords, you may find out that you have performed well. It means that you need to focus more on these keywords. You should create additional content that is relevant to your primary keywords.

There are tools that you can use to know what kind of keywords that allows people to enter your website more. This should be a good opportunity for us to determine keyword density that we should implement for our webpages. Guessing the right keyword density can be tricky, because Google never tells us about the right ratio. Also, SEO professionals seem to come with different percentage on the appropriate keyword density, however it is certain that if we put too much keywords in our webpages, there’s a good chance that we will be penalized for that.

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