Beaches of Florida: 5 Spots for an Excellent Spring Break

Florida is a unique part of the USA! It’s loved not only by tourists, but also by students who study in one of more than 15 higher educational institutions of the state. Of course, it’s very nice to study at the resort!

Florida beaches are the main goal of those who like to soak up the gentle sun. The entire coast of this heavenly place merges into a single continuous strip of golden sand and transparent waves, making Florida an excellent place for a spring break.

Well, if you are a student who just wants to relax on the beach, then it’s time to pick up a car from Enterprise at Orlando Airport and go to the following places…

South Beach

South Beach is among the most popular relaxing spots on the coast of Miami – it often appears in many films. Here you can meet famous actors, photo-models and other celebrities of show business.

South Beach

The whole space is covered with pure white sand, and there’s a boardwalk along the coast, from where paths lead to the sea. Alcohol and animals are prohibited there – special zones are provided a little further.

Cycling and walking paths are located near the coast, so you can rent rollers, a bicycle, or just walk under palm trees.

South Beach in Miami is a zone of endless fun: bars, restaurants, cafes and street discos are waiting for visitors at any time of the day. For the fans of a healthy lifestyle, there are volleyball and basketball courts.


Haulover Beach

Located on a thin sandy spit between Miami Beach and the peninsula, Haulover has something to impress visitors. Travelers are attracted not only by clean sand – another magnet of the beach is its gorgeous waves, thus surfers from all over the world like coming there.

July 12, 2014

This is a great place both for youth and for family holidays. A lot of zones are equipped especially for a picnic, making it possible to spend time comfortably in a calm relaxed atmosphere. The blue ocean on sunny days merges with the sky, and this creates the illusion of infinite serenity.

If you cross the road, you will find yourself in a shady park. Courts and golf courses will interest adults, while children can launch kites. Near the beach there’s a pier, which has long been chosen by fishermen. Haulover is a popular, but rather quiet place, which allows you to feel harmony.


Bal Harbour

This area of ​​Miami has long been chosen by American celebrities. Accommodation is not cheap there, but the cleanest and well-kept beach is worth it. Early in the morning you can often meet runners or yoga fans.

Miami Beach, Florida (The Edition Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, AC Hotel and the St. Regis Bal Harbour)

(photo by ndirish97)

Most of the sandy coast is owned by hotels and luxury residential complexes. But there’s also a free public beach, where you can also find plenty of entertainment. Fishermen can go sailing on a rental yacht. If you have no yacht management experience, you can hire a boat with the crew. Transparent water and coral reefs attract drivers and underwater hunters. Local restaurants are some of the best in the region.

Another local attraction is the open-air cinema. Waves running to the beach, a romantic movie, and a small picnic – what else do you need for a perfect date?


Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the legendary resort, consisting entirely of hotels, restaurants and recreation areas. From the city itself, it’s separated by a small bay with sand banks.

You can get to any beach along Ocean Drive, which is considered to be the heart of Miami Beach. Life boils there at any time of the day: in the afternoon, the noisy crowd rushes to bask in the sun, and at night endless parties don’t stop.

Miami Beach

Weather indulges with its constancy. In the winter season, the thermometer doesn’t fall below 20°C, and in summer the temperature is around 30°C. The southern part is the noisiest – in this quarter parties are most often held. Local bars and restaurants are the most fashionable establishments on the coast of Florida. The northern part is a bit calmer and more suitable for family holidays.

The whole area, which includes more than 800 buildings, is built in the Art Deco style. Restaurants, theaters, hotels, shops – everything is designed in this style. Don’t forget to stroll along Lincoln Road, where you will find the shops of the most popular brands – while shopping, it’s better to take a break for a cup of coffee in a luxury restaurant.


Crandon Park Beach

This is one of the best places for an unforgettable vacation in Florida. Despite the fact that it goes into the Atlantic Ocean, there are no high waves here, so you shouldn’t worry about safety.

When you get tired of lazing on the beach, go to a local park. On the tour, you’ll get to know many interesting details about all the features of the local flora and fauna, as well as see the show of colorful fish and exotic plants.

The Crandon Park Beach. ©®

(photo by Aglez the city guy ☺)

Having walked a few minutes along the promenade, you can head to a fascinating amusement park. Along with the modern playground, you’ll see the old carousel, which is the pride of the park. After restoring, it continues to bring joy to people. You can rent a bike and ride along the promenade.

For those who like a secluded beach holiday, there’s a deserted island nearby that can be reached by kayak.

Summing it up, the best beaches in the world are located in Florida. There’s no too much heat, but the sun is bright enough to get a beautiful tan. White sand combined with transparent blue waves that go beyond the horizon, set up a good mood. Everything is provided there so that visitors don’t have to worry about anything. A variety of entertainments and beach cafes serving cold drinks complement the amazing holiday atmosphere.




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