Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) In Your Gmail Is Coming

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) In Your Gmail Is Coming

AMP is a Google technology which is specifically developed to ‘’lighten’ the website so it can be loaded faster and lighter through mobile devices. This is the accurate answer from Google to response the increasing mobile internet. Now, you can log in to your Gmail account and browse anything from your email inbox. AMP adopts open framework which is open source. This will allow the third party developers can develop any new functions related to browsing ability. You’ll know that it will be developed further at anytime soon. Google has previously released the Gmail Go which is very light and spam free.

For example, as you signed up your Gmail account in Pinterest, you can view various posts and be able to click them to see more details. What you can do in AMP is similar to the Pinterest website, but this time you can browse the details directly from your inbox. This will certainly improve the use of mobile internet and devices as you can accomplish many tasks directly from your email inbox. You can reserve a restaurant, book tickets, filling out questionnaires, and any urgent task through your email. This is actually the significant development of e-mail which allows you to improve your productivity through your mobile devices.

The work is actually astonishing as it transforms the custom of mobile internet users and may affect even a wider spectrum including common internet users. As you know, the previous generation the browser and the e-mail are separately built in a mobile device while they’re usually used not collaboratively. It’s simply because the browsing activities may require heavier processing while the email is the lighter one. Now, when browsing activities demand mobile usage optimized, it should be lighter, and there is no better way than collaboratively apply it through email.

Like other astonishing projects, Google has worked with leading companies like Pinterest, Doodle, and in developing Gmail features built based on AMP. Now, the third party app developer can get an AMP preview for Gmail through signing up via Google. AMP has initial development until it’s implemented in Gmail later this year.

Now, having a Gmail account provide you various benefits that can’t be provided by other platforms including the unlimited connectivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, trader, doctors, service workers, and other professions, a Gmail account is powerful tools for you to develop.  Today, Google is going on their continuous technological developments.

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