6 Best Hunting Knives For Every Type of Budget

The knife is one of the most ancient and important tools in human civilization. They not only help in defending and assuring the survival but also help in feeding and sheltering. If you are planning to host a fresh meat party or planning to go on a trek, then you must be looking for hunting knives. If you are a beginner, then it is worthy for you to know that there are few knives which are perfect for every budget!

Silver and Gold Switchblade on Gray and White Surface

  1. Basic but sharp this two-piece hunter set comes with an appealing stag bone handle which makes it stand out. It’s stainless steel sharp body can take up the beating and is a true fit for the big game as well! It is easy to find from a distance because of the distinguished colour and shape of the handle. It is light in weight as well as on your pocket. It doesn’t fall under the category of fancy knives but it fits into the definition of ‘being useful’!
  2. You need a knife which is safer, easier to use and serves more than just one purpose! This foldable old timer prep kit comes with a rubber handle. It comes with a small complimentary knife and pliers which make it a complete hunting gadget. The blades are not made for breaking a bone or wood, it is perfect for intricate cuts that you want for your delicious dish!
  3. Sharp and stylish this hunting knives combo comes with a green grooved handle which helps in securing a good grip even when wet or bloody. Made in collaboration with renowned knife maker, this knife works great for hunting. It has a sturdy lock for safety and comfort for both left or right-hand carry with 4” blade size.
  4. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of hunter knife? Is the classic knife with a wooden handle? If yes, then here is your classic knife with leather handle and hand guard and 5.5” blade size. It can help in slicing the meat, tearing the skin cleanly and can even be used to break bones! It comes with a small 3” hunter knife.
  5. This five-piece knife set comes with different sizes of blades and fingers grooved black coloured handles. Common in design and pattern but these help in slicing, cutting and peeling off very nicely. These retain a keen edge and give the hunter a firm grasp on the target.
  6. If you are looking for a tool that can get the job done in the field, then this wild kit is for you. It comes with a hard case, cleaning gloves and rubberized handles which make them a solid choice. With its blaze orange handle, it is easy to spot. The three knives have 5”, 4” and 2.5” blade.

Interesting fact: You might be amazed to know that the first knife dates back to more than 2 million years! This time span is much longer than modern humans have walked the Earth!

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