4 Features of a Good Visitor Management System

4 Features of a Good Visitor Management System

A visitor management system is a useful tool which businesses of all kinds can use to keep better track of their customers, but also to improve their marketing efforts. This is especially important for hotels or companies that organize a lot of conferences and other industry events.

A well-maintained system can also help you prepare future events better because it will provide you with clear data of who your guests are and how you can accommodate them better. Take a bit of time to consider what features you’re looking for in this software and it will pay for itself.

Data collection

It’s useful to keep track of the visitors and use the data collected in this way to make their stay more comfortable and to target them with a marketing campaign later on, if needed. This can be easily done by creating a central system for visitor registration. The visitors register as soon as they arrive and that allows them to use all the digital features you provide.

At the same time, you get the valuable data about their stay, the amount of money they’ve spent and how they can be reached in the future.

4 Features of a Good Visitor Management System


A lot of the time, booking at an event seems to be confusing and takes up a lot of time. This is a workload that can be avoided. It’s not only about making things easier for your employees; a well-organized booking process can make your event appear better organized and more professional.

Pre-booking is one of the ways of mitigating this problem. When a visitor management system allows for pre-booking, the visitors can make all the arraignments before taking the trip. A lot of the time, visitors don’t know about this feature and you should work on promoting it.

Time-expiring badges

A lot of the events include lectures, workshops and alike that are time sensitive. In order to keep track of the visitors in relations to this, you should consider issuing time-expiring badges. These badges often have lights on them that change color once the visitor has overstayed their welcome in a certain area.

For the most part, this is a great way to avoid confusion because your employees will be able to quickly identify the visitors that need directions or assistance. However, in some cases, these badges could also indicate a security risk.

4 Features of a Good Visitor Management System

Watch list

A watch list is one of those features that are a bit uncomfortable to talk about, but most event organizers find it to be necessary. It allows you to create a list of visitors that you need to pay special attention to. It can mean a list of those who aren’t allowed on your property anymore but it can be broader than that.

For instance, you can keep a watch list of visitors that are high maintenance and that you’ve had trouble with before. That doesn’t mean they get any sanctions, just that they should be looked after by your best employees.

A visitor monitoring system needs to keep track of your visitors before they arrive, to make them comfortable during their stay and to let you contact them afterwards for feedback and marketing purposes. There should also be a few cyber security features to prevent incidents that sometimes happen.


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